How to find CVV number?

How to find CVV number?

Here are the some steps to find CVV number of your Debit card –

  1. Turn over your debit card and locate the signature strip on the back.
  2. Look for a set of three digits printed in small font. This is your CVV number.
  3. If you have trouble finding it on the back, some debit cards may have the CVV number printed on the front, just above the card number. In this case, the CVV will be a set of four digits.
  4. If your debit card does not have a CVV number, it may have a different security code such as CVC (Card Verification Code) or CID (Card Identification Number). These codes serve the same purpose as CVV and are usually located in the same place on the card.

It’s important to keep your CVV number secure and not share it with anyone, as it can be used to make unauthorized purchases.

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